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Series L Bucket

Light bucket. If the bucket is only to be used for lighter duties, the L bucket is an excellent choice. The bucket is designed for customers who value functionality ahead of technical benefits. The price is therefore extremely competitive.

Series LV Bucket

Light Volume bucket. This bucket series is suitable for handling grain, manure, grass seeds, wood chips and other materials with a low volume weight. The buckets have two vertical reinforcements along the implement hooks.

High Tip Bucket

The high tip bucket increases the unloading height by 120 cm. As a result, even a short, compact front loader can fill a high trailer if necessary. The bucket tips over its front edge, and it is not therefore necessary to wait for the front edge to be lifted over the truck side before you reverse away. This saves time and increases productivity. High tip buckets are used for handling voluminous materials at high levels, for example for loading grain, grass seed, beet or wood chips.

Grading Bucket

A powerful grading bucket. Thanks to the low back plate and the long, strong base, the driver has perfect visibility to the tip of the bucket. The bucket is supplied with a 20 mm, powerful cutting edge. On the rear, below the 20 mm thick subframe plates, is a welded 10 mm thick angle iron, which reinforces the bucket for grading jobs.

Universal Fork

Without doubt the most powerful stone/universal fork on the market. On the specially hardened box section, which does not become deformed under load, powerful stone fork tines are installed. The back comprises five transverse 80 x 40 profiles. The design is incredibly torsionally rigid, at the same time as offering excellent visibility. On the sides, the forks are supplied with powerful Hardox teeth.

Stone Fork

“Pick up and keep”. The distinctive design provides considerable potential to fill the implement without dropping any stones already contained in the bucket. At the front, special downward-angled tines made of Hardox steel are installed. After many hours of work, these can easily be replaced. The cross tubes (50 x 100 mm) provide stability for the 30 mm thick tines. Note also that the back of this model is higher than on earlier models.

Pallet Forks

The upper profi le is made in one piece. This profile with holes for lateral adjustment provides robust securing of the forks. The load is distributed over a large area thanks to the wide load-bearing surfaces of the forks. With this special design, breaks in the arm are avoided and you get to operate a very stable fork that does not “dangle”. The forks are naturally approved with a large safety margin.

Bale Spike

Bale spike (one short and one long tine). For installation on the pallet fork subframe.

Log Grab Attachment

Suitable for 1,000 kg, 1,600 kg and 2,500 kg fork kits.

Big Bag Lifter

For safe handling of large bags. The height of the hook above the ground is normally the same as when the bottom of the large bags is level with the lowest point of the front loader when the bags are hanging from the big bag lifter. Note the practical benefi t of having the hook bent to the side. The hook can easily be seen from the driver’s seat.