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Silocut MG

The completely closed design has been specially developed for maize silage and other silage types that often spill out. The serated blade provides fantastic cutting capacity in the silage. The back of the implement is supplied with a mesh. Otherwise MG is made according to the same solid quality principles as Silocut.


Silograb is an extremely versatile implement. The close tine distribution almost eliminates the spillage of silage. The tines are mounted in a specially hardened box section (approximately six times larger than standard profiles), which does not turn or deform under load. The tines follow a circular movement through the material, which produces the cleanest cut, the least power consumption and the longest service life for the tines. In addition the material is pressed against the back of the implement when the tines are lowered, and this means that the silage remains in place, even when driving over uneven terrain. All models have two hydraulic cylinders. On the large models, the cylinders are 15% larger. The 210 to 250 models are supplied with a mesh construction in the upper section.


The perfect all-round implement If you have a diet feeder that is to be loaded with various feeds, Multibenne is the best choice. The wishes and requirements to which we have paid particular attention are that: It should be perfectly suited for its purpose – namely silage handling. The side ends are therefore tapered so that they can be inserted into the silage more easily. When the implement is tipped backwards, the high ends come into play, so that loose material is not lost. A relatively short base makes it easier to fill the entire bucket, all the way in to the back. The centre of gravity thereby moves closer to the tractor, and when unloading into high-sided vehicles, the bucket tip does not protrude as far into the vehicle. The closed bottom and the close tine location results in reduced spillage. With the closed bucket bottom, you can always completely gather up the material. Multibenne, which is designed according to the same principles as Silograb, can handle many different types of fodder, as well as manure. As a result, it is not necessary to switch between implements when feeding.

Multigrab HD

Multigrab HD is a very powerful implement. When filling silage, the bucket tip is advanced towards the silo, the powerful upper arm is pressed down through the silage and into the bucket. The special design of the teeth creates a block with a good cut surface. This reduces the admission of air and heat generation in the silage. Thanks to its incredible strength, the Multigrab HD can also be used for many other demanding fork and bucket tasks.

Maxi Grapple

The bucket is based on the powerful, reinforced HD bucket. The grapple arm is installed on the rear of the bucket, which also contributes to the implement’s strength. The movable, profile-pressed upper section is supplied with strong bearings, three-layer bushings and large pivot pins with stable locking. The section with the powerful Hardox teeth is bolted in place. Stress and torsion forces are thereby transmitted to the entire construction. The teeth (version T) are simply bolted in place with a bolt in the bucket bottom. The protective mesh means that loose material does not drop down onto the tractor (optional extra). Maxi Grapple is used particularly in the USA and Canada for handling round bales (large opening of 2 m), loose hay, twigs and branches, loose silage, manure and for general bucket work. Teeth, protective mesh and grapple arm can easily be removed when only the bucket is to be used.

Manure Fork

Three advantages that make a lot of difference: Our manure forks are equipped with a specially hardened box section that neither deforms nor turns when working. The tines are installed before the implement is painted – metal to metal. The tines are secured with a very high torque. All in all, you get an implement with a longer service life.

Series H Bucket

The soil bucket – the most popular in the range – can do everything. The short bucket bottom makes the bucket strong and well suited to heavier tasks. The three large buckets have an extra profile and round pressed back plate across the full width.

Series HT Bucket

Soil bucket with teeth. Same design as series H.

Series HD Bucket

Contracting bucket. The very strongest buckets in the series. They are based on the H bucket. On the 210, 240 and 260, the metal is 20 % thicker how-ever. In addition, the HD buckets have a more powerful cutting edge, a wider, longer floor reinforcement, an extra angle reinforcement on the inside of the bucket along the implement hooks, as well as an angled wearing rail on the rear of the bucket.

Series HV Bucket

A strong material and snow bucket. The series is aimed at users who require a large volume. The generous volume measurements are achieved by designing the bucket deeper and taller. All models have double profiles in the bottom as well as along the implement hooks. There is consequently extra strength where the stresses are greatest.