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Square Bale Fork

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The Square Bale Fork’sfolding box section is a new and valuable safety detail.
Firstly you can lock the tines in the upright position, increasing safety during transport, particularly on public roads. Secondly you get more efficient and safer handling.
When unloading, the bales are pushed into place by the main frame. If unloading takes place at full height, the top bale is pushed into place with the aid of the upper section of the implement, without the long tines being pressed down into the bales. As a result, there is no risk of the bales falling back when you reverse.
The Square Bale Fork can be supplied with two different frames. The 190 cm frame is suitable for long, large bales. The 140 cm frame is supplied with two tines as standard, although this number can be increased to a total of five.
As optional extra equipment, the Square Bale Forks can be supplied with a back extension (for handling more bales) or a bag lifter (for handling large bags).